Carl De Keyzer, Congo (Belge)

Carl De Keyzer, Congo (Belge)

Carl De Keyzer

Congo (Belge)

Hardcover, Lannoo (2009)

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Carl De Keyzer, David Van Reybrouck (Ed.)

Congo (Belge)

First edition, Lannoo (2009)
Hardcover, synthetic leather, 352 pages, full-page illustrations throughout

Publisher's Description:

The most recent project of Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer; a sharp image of Congo as it is today. De Keyzer has visited places that were tourist hotspots before their independence and thus shows us the remains of the Belgian presence in modern Congo. Carl De Keyzer traveled through Congo for over 10 months to make this book, often in very dangerous areas. This has resulted in a unique documentary with an historic meaning.

About the Author:

Carl De Keyzer is a world renowned Belgian photographer who has won multiple awards for his work. He taught photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium between 1982 and 1989 and has been a member of the photo agency 'Magnum' since 1994. His pictures have been published and displayed around the world. His other works include, 'Homo Sovieticus' (on the Soviet Union, 1989), 'GodInc.' (on religious fanatics in the USA, 1992) and 'Trinity' (2008). The main themes in his works are the continuous threat of decay in a modern society and the impact of power on daily life.

  • Author Carl De Keyzer, David Van Reybrouck
  • Width 26,9 cm
  • Height 37 cm
  • Depth 4 cm
  • Pages 352
  • Cover Hardcover
  • Published 2009, Lanoo
  • Language English
  • Condition new
  • ISBN-10 9020986821
  • ISBN-13 9789020986822